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GCP informationGCPinfo is Clinical Trial Consultancy for Pharma, CRO and Biotech looking to implement or improve their Risk Based Monitoring approach to save costs while improving the quality of clinical trial monitoring.

Our core competencies are Clinical Trial Management and Monitoring, in particular Risk-Based Monitoring

GCPinfo has a proven track-record with implementation of Risk Based Monitoring and our consultants have implemented several Risk Based Monitoring Plan and conducted a number of studies in phase 2 and 3, of which one is finalized with Risk Based Monitoring. As pioneers in this field since the FDA announced their draft guidelines on Risk Based Monitoring in 2011, we know the challenges and hurdles that must be overcome to implement an effective Risk Based Monitoring Plan and the Centralized Monitoring tools necessary - but we also know the big advantage of the Risk Based Monitoring approach.

We can provide cost-efficient consultancy to help you save up to 50% on your monitoring budgets and improve the quality of the clinical data in the process.

We offer consultancy via phone, skype, email or face-to-face depending on your preference.

.Welcome to GCPinfo.

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03 Jun 2013News

First Phase 2 Study with a Risk-Based Monitoring Plan designed by GCPinfo's consultant will end this month. We expect to publish a lessons learned paper.

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